Who we are

Care, quality and simplicity are the main values of our kitchen which, led by our
Chef Mattia Ciarmoli knows how to innovate and amaze with every course.
We specialize in crafting and cooking authentic flavored and grilled steaks
In our welcoming and elegant restaurant you can find a large variety of cuts of meat
starting from the Piedmontese km0 up to the rarest and most valuable breeds. The skilled hands of
Mattia will be able to enhance the flavors of the meat you have chosen and give you flavors never tried before.
What is offered is not a dish, but an unforgettable experience.
We are the few in the Province of Cuneo to bring the culture of the ” Dry Aged ” method used in
antiquity using elements such as: Air, humidity and temperature, today we make use of
best technologies to revive this process in optimal hygienic-sanitary conditions
through cells conceived and designed internally, thus making tradition a hymn to
modernity. *Many hang meat, few really know how to do it.*
After a long search and study Brasserie HD for
ensure the highest quality has been oriented towards a careful selection of Italian meats,
foreign and organic from extensive farms where animals are raised which,
fed in a specific way, they give life to a meat with an extraordinary marbling.
The alternation of lean parts with fat infiltrations means that through the maturation process i
two types of fabric blend perfectly. In this way the meat loses its liquids
it softens in the fibers and the fatty parts join the muscle.
A steak with a unique and special flavour, more digestible and capable of being appreciated by all.

Seeing is believing

Hd Brasserie